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Dosha Perfume Oil Set

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100% all natural, vegan, and plant-based, these balancing perfume oils are meant to soothe the mind and calm anxiety.  

Dab at your wrist pulse points, temples, or behind the ear lobes whenever needed throughout the day.



Vata Balancing Oil- 
Dry and windswept Vata is an energetic dreamer who needs sturdier roots to become focused and grounded. Fresh rose petals immersed in a base of sesame, almond, sweet apricot oils create a nourishing and moisturizing blend. 

Pitta Balancing Oil-
Driven Pitta possesses an abundant intensity and inner wildfire that benefit from soothing elements. Fresh neem leaf and bark shavings coalesce with almond oil to generate waves of calm while preserving focus and alertness. This is a lightweight hydrating formulation for combination and sensitive skin.

Kapha Balancing Oil-
Thoughtful and calm Kapha is a deep pool of stability who benefits from invigorating spices and herbs. Fresh sprigs of rosemary, grapefruit, cypress and lemongrass radiate amidst a lighter blend of grape seed, and almond oils to awaken and spark movement.



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