Meet the gal behind

Yoke Trade

Founded by Tamara Jones, on a farm in the Australian country side, Yoke Trade is a modern holistic trade post crafting refined goods for the conscious journey. Originally founded in Australia, the company is now based in Los Angelos, Calfornia.

Rooted in the foundation of yoga and Ayuveda, each plant based product is made with intention and care, led by the wisdom of ancient culture and crafted seasonally through sustainable practices.

The name ‘Yoke’ is taken from the classical definition of yoga meaning ‘union’. Tamara (a trained Ayurveda practitioner and yoga teacher) believes strongly in blending the inner and outer journey. Her products are made to reflect a conscious and holistic lifestyle.

The brand works with US based manufacturers in support of small to medium sized family tun businesses to carry forward decades of tradition.


As a trained Ayurveda practitioner, Tamara believes true wellness depends on a balanced connection between mind, body and spirit. Tamara blends  the principlces of Ayurveda into her products. By choosing between Kapha, Vatta and Pitta balancing oils you are able to make selections that would work best for you.

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