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MANUFACTURED: Asante Region, Ghana and Bagru, India

Traditional Techniques: Batik, Block printing, Brass casting, Wax print

MISSION: To support local apparel industries and workers to develop sustainable garment production in emerging market countries. Osei-Duro proudly promotes an international exchange of ideas and information.

Founded by Maryanne Mathias and Molly Keogh in 2009, Osei Duro integrates West African textiles and traditional methods of hand dying and waxing with contemporary Western clothing design. The combination results in collections that are full of fun, vibrant and rich organic prints that we can’t get enough of!

Mathias and Keogh originally met while attending highchool in Vancouver, BC where they bonded over there mutual love of fashion. A school reunion brought the two back together. After a trip around the world and capsule collections in Ghana, Egypt, Morocco and India, Mathias was excited about the possibilities of designing internationally. Keogh agreed to an exploratory trip to Ghana, where a rich textile history awaited. Designs from that first trip were so well received that the project quickly grew.

Transparency is crucial to the Osei Duro brand. While they want their designs to stand the test of time and be visually appealing to anyone around the world, they place equal emphasis on the importance of the people who make the product. By working with local artisans in Ghana and India, and honouring traditional techniques, they promote local skills as an invaluable resource and help to create sustainable employment.

Why we love them: Osei Duro are committed to providing ongoing training to their employees and to preserve the art of hand-down techniques that are traditional to the countries they produce in. The results are beautiful and rich organic prints that make for fun mixing!

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