Manufactured: Long Island, New York

Materials Sourced: Recycled fabric sourced from Italy, hardware from New York

Mission: To produce pieces that will be washed by waves and worn with love.

Diane Belgrod, founder of K belo, is a native New Yorker who spent her childhood on the beaches of Long Island, New York. Her collections were inspired by her fond memories of weekends spent with her family camped out on the beach of Tobay.

All of the pieces are produced locally in New York where Diane’s love affair with the beach began. Hardware is sourced from New York City’s historic Garment District.

Diane spent time sourcing fabric that was not only environmentally friendly but would also meet her standards for quality fit and feel. The fabric has been imported from Italy and is made up of recycled Nylon (contained in waste such as carpets, clothing and fishing nets) that has been transformed back into raw material without the loss of quality.


Full of fun patterns, prints and flattering cuts, K belo swimwear epitomizes poolside style and is a true labour of love.

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