Manufactured: Los Angeles, CA, self owned factory

Fabric Sources: All vendors are sourced locally in LA, including labels, threads, machines and packaging. 

Mission: Committed to redefining transparency and responsibility in the apparel industry by using environmentally friendly fabrics and manufacturing exclusively in the US.

Founded in 2010 by Rob Lohman and Matt Belk, Groceries Apparel was created with the desire to make an environmental and social impact in the apparel industry.

Success for the company is measured by the values they uphold. The brand is fully committed to redefining transparency by supporting family farms, localized manufacturing, living wages and organic ingredients. All production tasks are done in house which allows Groceries Apparel to have full control over wages, treatment and conditions of their workers. All employees earn well above minimum wage.

The line of everyday essentials are made from !00% recycled and organic ingredients including eucalyptus, hemp, organic cotton and vegetable-dye.


In addition to producing the most softest and comfortable basis that have become our go-to for everyday essentials, we believe Groceries Apparel is the future of the manufacturing industry. They have truly created demand for their product based on the values they uphold. They are proving that using environmentally friendly fabrics and localizing manufacturing is a viable option to gain success.

“We source directly from the seed and trace all of our fabrics from the farm to our factory”

“Success for us is measured by the jobs we create and the amount of green textiles we order”

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