Our Story

Fjordlife stemmed from a desire to clean up the fashion and beauty industy. We believe the products we wear should be a reflection of our values. We wanted you to not only love your purchases but to also feel good about them. We source the globe for high quality items that are responsibly produced and aim to share the stories behind them.

What We Offer


We partner with innovators. Our brands respect the people making the product, contribute to the countries they source from, and take real efforts to reduce their environmental impact.


We believe beauty products should merely refine what nature already provides. We look for products that will not only transform your skin but are also natural and safe to use.


We focus on quality, aesthetic and craftsmanship. Our extensive selection process means everything has been edited with you and the maker in mind.

Living the Fjordlife

When naming the company, our founder went back to her Norwegian roots and favourite place to visit, Geirangerfjord. Fjords to us are pure, pristine and beautiful. Exactly how we aspire to live our lives.

Our Founder

My journey with Fjordlife began shortly after visiting a textile company that had a wonderful mission of employing and empowering women in developing areas. It was the first time I fully made the connection between what I wore and the person who made it. This concept of merging design with social impact really resonated with me and I thought it would resonate with others. Many of our designers are doing wonderful things, from investing in social programs, sourcing high quality and safe ingredients, offering incentive conservation and providing dignified work through a fair wage. By sharing where and how our products are made we hope to encourage a deeper connection to your purchase. Our concept is simple, provide thoughtful product, and we hope with your help our impact will be great. -Brittany Haavaldsrud

We're always on the lookout for like–minded individuals or organizations to join our community. If you are interested in collaborating with us, send an email to info@fjordlife.ca.