Waking up with Ariel Kaye, founder of Parachute Home

Now more than ever we feel its important to celebrate women who are true pioneers! To do that we will be featuring an interview with an inspiring woman every Monday morning to start the week.

Today we are waking up with Ariel Kaye, founder of Parachute Home. Named one of the “25 Hot Los Angeles Startups to Watch” by Business Insider, and featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest and ELLE DECOR, this home essentials brand is completely transforming the bedding industry.

Introduce yourself:

Founder and CEO of Parachute, the fast-growing Bedding and Bath essentials brand based in Venice Beach. My role is to guide the creative development and strategic vision of our brand.

What time do you wake up?

I make it a priority to get up by 7:00am. I find that I am much more productive on days where I exercise and eat a good breakfast before work. Starting the day right keeps me energized and focused.

First 3 things you do in the morning?

I take my puppy, Lox, on a walk first thing in the morning...and then sneak in a cuddle session. She’s so cute, I can’t help it! Then I answer any pressing emails before working out. Venice has so many fun exercise classes within walking distance of my home.

What’s your go-to breakfast or drink? 

The avocado toast from Groundwork Coffee Co. I dream about it. They top the toast with sweet corn, cotija cheese and hard boiled egg. It’s everything!

What’s your morning beauty routine?

My priority is maintaining clear, healthy skin. My beauty routine is pretty simple, but I moisturize every morning. I use Dermatologica Active Moist – it keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day long, and it’s a lifesaver while traveling.

Can’t leave the house without?

I can’t leave the house without making my bed. It’s proven to make you happier and gives a sense of accomplishment. Most importantly, though, making your bed in the morning and getting between the Sheets at night becomes a special ritual to bookend your day.

Your Monday Mantra?

Dream big!

Thanks to Ariel for participating. Learn more about Parachute Home

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