Waking up with Anna Hagemann Rise, Public Affairs Director of Froosh

Now more than ever we feel its important to celebrate women who are true pioneers! To do that we will be featuring an interview with an inspiring woman every Monday morning to start the week.


We love discovering socially responsible brands and there is no better example of that than Froosh, a smoothie company that not only produces 100% real smoothies but also offers a source of income and a way out of poverty for millions of families in developing countries. Today we are waking up with Anna Hagemann Rise (Group Communication and Public Affairs Director) to see how she starts her mornings! 

Introduce yourself: 

Group Communication and Public Affairs Director. That means responsible for all communication in all markets that Froosh is operating in. Froosh is the smoothie market leader in the Nordics and my main mission is to spread the word of how we should all buy products – and fruit! -  from developing countries, so they get a chance to make a life for themselves. Importing fruit from the world´s poorest countries creates real change for the poor farmers and we need to change the rhetoric in Europe towards a more open and global economy that will benefit the world´s poorest too. The current political tendencies unfortunately seem to be going in the opposite direction towards more protectionism and isolationism, but this is changeable – we just need enough positive stories! and

What time do you wake up?

6.30 most days, 4.30 if early flight;)

First 3 things you do in the morning?

Boil water, ground coffee beans, add water to beans. Seriously. Always. The grounding makes a really loud sound and in order to not wake up the rest of the family (in our Cph apartment), trick is to take the grounder to the bathroom and turn on the shower. 

What’s your go-to breakfast or drink?

Froosh obviously 100% fruit and sourced from the developing world
Fave these days is the virgin mojito - lime, lemon, mint flavour!

What’s your morning beauty routine?

Boil water, ground coffee beans, add water to beans;) Splash of cold water, organic serum, always rouge, clothes that matches my ambition of the day (so suit and high heals Mondays, sweat pants Tuesday and so it continues) and lifesaving dry shampoo for early flight mornings.

Can’t leave the house without? 

Having kissed my kids and talked to them about how their school day will look. Sounds like a cliché but if I haven’t, I´ll think about it all day – doesn’t matter if I am in London, Brussels or at the office in Copenhagen. It is a strict principle I have made early on, to not let my many travels disrupt their life and routines – it is not their fault that their mother spends more time in airplanes than in the grocery store (quite an understatement according to my husband;)).    

Your Monday Mantra? 

Make calendar-meetings for myself; for all the billion things I need to do/remember (no lists! They just make the tasks seem endless). Try not to plan important external meetings in order to get a good and structured start of the week and feel like I am on top of what is going to happen. I have never had Monday blues; work/life is all one big mix anyways and I would never want it any other way, no joke 

Thanks so much to Anna for participating! Visit Froosh to learn more. 

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