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Making the switch to an all natural skincare regime

Making the switch to an entirely natural skincare regimen can seem overwhelming and costly. It doesn’t need to be! Don’t feel like you need to do anything drastic (ie, throwing out every product you own). It really comes down to making informed choices when purchasing. Here are a few tips we suggest: READ LABELS:A large majority of beauty products are formulated with questionable synthetic ingredients. It’s important to read the labels and try to make sense of the ingredients listed to make an informed choice. Ingredients are usually listed by either a proper chemical name (if it’s a chemical) or written in Latin (if it’s a natural ingredient). For example, a paraben may be listed as ‘methylparaben’ and water will...


Updating your skincare routine for fall

It doesn’t get much better than a beautiful, sunny autumn day! The cooler temperatures bring cozy sweaters, delicious pumpkin spice lattes and vibrant colour. The change of season is a great time to make tweaks to your skincare routine. No need to completely overhaul your routine (we strongly believe that consistency is key in order to see results), simply switching up a few products to better reflect the season will make a difference. Here are some suggestions to keep your skin looking its best throughout the cooler months. Boost Hydration When the weather begins to cool down, its important to add hydrating products that will seal in moisture. If you are using a light weight moisturizer switch to a moisturizing...


Summer Detox: A mini guide

With summer in full swing and following a long weekend filled with celebrations, BBQs and sun filled days, your skin and body may be in the need for some TLC. We put together a guide to treat yourself to a mini detox - whether you have a week or just a spare minute or two, these tips will reset your skin and have you looking refreshed in no time! DOUBLE CLEANSE Longer summer days can lead to a buildup of make-up, sunscreen and other pollutants on your skin. A great way of combating this is the practice known as “double cleansing” used to deeply cleanse and eliminate impurities. This nightly ritual (first practiced in Korea) involves smoothing an oil based...