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Maintaining Hormonal Health

Hormones are a complex function of the body. Diet, genetics and exposure to toxins can all lead to hormonal imbalances affecting your overall health. So how do you keep your hormones balanced and working properly?  A great place to start is with the foods you eat and the products you purchase. Focusing on foods that promote healthy digestion as well as choosing products that reduce your toxin exposure will keep you on the path towards hormonal balance and vitality! Manage Blood Sugars Swings in your blood sugar can place a huge amount of stress on your endocrine system. By keeping your blood sugars balanced you will also be helping to keep your hormones balanced. Sticking to five lighter meals a...


Endocrine Disrupters- What you need to know

For most of us the quest for long term health begins with our food. Thanks to the emergence of independent natural skincare brands and wonderful organizations such as EWG, we are starting to realize that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in it. When choosing products one of the biggest offenders can be Endocrine Disrupters.  Endocrine Disrupters are chemicals (both natural and synthetic) that can create problems for our internal endocrine system. When these chemicals are ingested or absorbed through our skin they can mimic hormones in our body and lead to imbalances with our natural hormones. Endocrine Disrupters tend to be most harmful to the reproductive system, sex hormones and the...