Nursery Swaps

Being able to create a peaceful oasis for your newborn baby while knowing it will be a space where you will be spending most of your time together can be a true labor of love and one of the most exciting times during your pregnancy. With all of the information and advice out there and so many products on the marketplace it can also seem daunting. Here are some easy steps you can take to ensure the nursery is a safe haven for your newborn!

1- Choose wood floors with natural fiber rugs over carpet

Soft carpet can seem like a great option for the nursery but the flame retardants, stain repellents, and other treatments that carpets and carpet foam padding receive can lead to a room filled with toxins. Carpet can also trap dust and dust mites which may be an asthma trigger. A safer option is to choose wood floors and go for throw rugs with natural treated fibers for a soft feel.
Below are some great options,


2- Opt for low or no VOC paint 

Choosing your own paint is an inexpensive way to transform your nursery. Traditional paints include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are used to help the finished product dry. Exposure to VOCs can lead to long term health affects. It’s better to choose low or no VOC paint as found in this brand. 


3- Solid Wood Furniture

Many furniture products are constructed from lumber scraps glued together under pressure to create boards. These products can emit formaldehyde, an air pollutant found in their glues that has been linked to greater risks of infant respiratory tract infections, asthma, and other illnesses. Untreated solid wood furniture (left bare or you can have finished with non-toxic no VOC paints and sealants) is a better option.


4- Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

When trying to reduce toxins in your home one of the main suggestions that is always advised is to start with your mattress. It makes sense since this is where your baby will spend a large majority of their time. Your best bet is to avoid mattresses that have been treated with flame retardants (which have been linked to cancer and birth defects) and look for an organic or green certified one. While this can be more costly than conventional brands, an alternative is to look for an organic protective cover (that will help to block dust mites and other chemicals) to go over your conventional mattress.


5- Reduce Toxic Toys

One way to keep your baby safe is to try to avoid plastic toys, which can lead to toxin exposure. Better options include cloth and plush toys or untreated wood toys. 

6- Personal Care Options

By now you know with all the chemicals found in personal care products and little regulation we are a strong advocate for safe and effective natural products. This includes diapers. Conventional disposable diaper brands contain chemicals that were banned back in the 1980s for use in women's tampons. If you are not ready to go the cloth route we believe that the Honest company probably has the best eco friendly disposable option available. The cute patterns and prints also can’t be beat!

7- Let the fresh air in

Due to bacteria and moulds, household cleaners, and fumes emitted by furnishings, the air inside the average home is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoors. The best solution is to let the outside in! Try to keep the windows open as often as possible.


Decor Inspiration 

If you are looking for some nursery decor inspiration here are some great places to start! 

We love this recently decorated nursery by the very talented Jacquelyn Clark from 
Lark and Linen

Caitlin Flemming from Sacramento Street created a beautiful and calm space for her son Jackson. 



These are just a few suggestions. The most important thing is to decide what works best for you.
If you have any additional tips let us know in the comments below.
We would love to hear them! 

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