Making the switch to an all natural skincare regime

Making the switch to an entirely natural skincare regimen can seem overwhelming and costly. It doesn’t need to be!
Don’t feel like you need to do anything drastic (ie, throwing out every product you own). It really comes down to making informed choices when purchasing.

Here are a few tips we suggest:


A large majority of beauty products are formulated with questionable synthetic ingredients. It’s important to read the labels and try to make sense of the ingredients listed to make an informed choice. Ingredients are usually listed by either a proper chemical name (if it’s a chemical) or written in Latin (if it’s a natural ingredient). For example, a paraben may be listed as ‘methylparaben’ and water will be ‘aqua’. Some companies will list the proper chemical name with a more common name in parentheses, example Sodium Chloride (sea salt). If you are unsure of an ingredient, simply look it up.

When shopping on our website you will notice both a basic ingredient list as well as a detailed ingredient list under the description of the product. We have added the detailed ingredient list to provide more clarity on what the ingredient is and why it is being included. If you have any questions regarding the ingredient list reach out to us at and we would be happy to help you make sense of it.


If you are unsure about a brand, a good idea is to check and see if the company has any certifications. The Environmental Working Group’s database allows you to look up a product by name and assess how safe the listed ingredients are. It is a great resource.

Here in Canada we also have CertClean which is a certification for all natural beauty products.

No More Dirty Looks is a book, website and community devoted to natural beauty, wellness and healthy living. We often browse their website for DIY skincare tips! 


For those ready to make a change, start with your milder products, like cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, then work your way up to more intense things like treatments and anti-aging creams. Be sure to look for high-quality, high-performance natural products as they will be easiest for your skin to adjust to and will continue to deliver the results you are looking for.

When making the switch from conventional products to natural ingredients you may experience a few minor breakouts at first. This can occur because natural ingredients work to encourage the purging of toxins that have been accumulating in the skin from former synthetic products. It should resolve itself over time. Patience is key!  We suggest giving your new regime or product about a month to determine whether it’s the right fit for you. It takes the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) 28-30 days to renew itself. We recommend waiting that amount of time to see results. That being said, if you experience redness, itching or swelling within 24 hours of using a new product you may be allergic to an ingredient and should stop using immediately.

Of course, we have to remember that our skin is a direct reflection of what our body looks like on the inside. A few late nights in a row and an overload of sugary processed foods, (we’ve been there!) will have our skin looking less than its best in a matter of days. Your diet is the most essential tool you have to getting great skin. Fresh whole foods combined with plenty of water, exercise, rest and a natural skincare regimen (that works for you) will lead to skin you love.

Ready to make the switch to natural products that are results driven? Here is a great place to start.

In addition to the products listed on our site, below are a few more of our favourites:

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Making the switch to an all natural skincare regime