Island Hopping: Top 10 Greek Islands to Explore

Planning a trip to Greece is no easy task! With so many islands to choose from,  all offering their own unique beauty and charm, it can be hard to know where to start. To help you out we have narrowed down our favourite Greek Islands to visit. Whether you are looking for beaches, history or picture perfect views these islands are sure to provide that and so much more!

Corfu: best for lush landscapes

Known as the evergreen island, Corfu seems to be covered in trees and lush vegetation and offers a different look from all of the other islands. Surrounded by white washed homes, Byzantine churches and ancient ruins, it is a must see.


Mykonos: best for upscale travel

One of the most popular Greek Islands, Mykonos caters to a diverse crowd (think St Tropez meets Ibiza) and offers a vibrant nightlife.


Kefalonia: best for family holidays

One of the largest islands, Kefalonia has been able to maintain a quiet and laid back style making it an ideal family destination. Best known for numerous cliffs, pebbled coves and sandy beaches, the island also has picturesque villages and Medieval castles to explore.


Santorini: best for couples

Even if you have never been to Greece before you will still probably recognize Santorini. The white buildings topped with blue half spheres carved into buildings overlooking the ocean, can only be topped by the unforgettable sunsets. Roam the black sand beaches or head to the peaceful hilltop town of Oia. Secluded hotels with incredible views make for a great couples escape.


Crete: best for exploring

With ancient ruins, snow capped mountains and endless beaches Crete is meant for exploring. Spend your days touring the cultural attractions offered in Chania town, visiting the 16km long Samaria Gorge, or hiking one of the 50 canyons.


Ios: best for the young or young at heart

Ios is known for its vibrant party scene with a large variety of bars and clubs in close proximity to each other.


Paros: best for the sport enthusiast

Once known primarily as a ferry hub, the beautiful rural villages and lack of tourists has turned Paros into a great island to visit in its own right. Known for ideal weather conditions Paros is a great place for snorkelling and windsurfing.


Milos: best for the beaches

Referred to as the “island of colours”, Milos offers colourful buildings, jewel toned water and dozens of beaches (80 in total!) all filled with various combinations of sand, stone and shell.

Rhodes: best for the history

Rhodes offers everything from bars, beaches and ancient ruins and is a popular spot for history buffs. The island, once a prominent trading centre, has a well preserved medieval city and offers plenty of small villages to explore.


Zakynthos: best for picture perfect views

With sandy beaches backed with dramatic coastlines, Zakinthos is one of the most picturesque islands to visit.


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