Letter from our founder

Letter from our founder - Fjordlife
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What is Fjordlife? 

A few years ago I met a women entrepreneur who had spent her career within International Development working for a NGO. Feeling like she wasn't contributing enough and wanting to come up with a solution to provide more long term assistance, she decided to partner with a cooperative overseas and build a textile company. In doing so, she created long term employment in the developing countries where she worked and has employed and empowered hundreds of women in the process. I became obsessed with her story and the work she was doing. It was through this story, that I finally made the connection between what I wore and the person who made it.

As someone who thinks of herself as fairly mindful of the world around me, I try to be careful of the foods I eat and the toxic cleaning products I bring into my home, it was amazing to me that I had not made that same connection to the clothing I wear every single day. So I decided to learn more. This is what I learned,

  • The fashion industry is the second most polluted industry in the world, second only to oil production

  • 250 million children (some as young as five years old) work in the textile and apparel industry around the world

  • Only 2% of apparel companies source from suppliers that pay their workers a livable wage 

  • The dyeing and treatment of textiles is responsible for 17-20% of global freshwater pollution 

We are currently consuming more, outsourcing more, using more resources and yet somehow paying less for all of these things. In a race to keep up with the latest trends, brands are placing their names on products made by third parties who further outsource the manufacturing to wherever the product can be made the cheapest. To help cut costs and pad bottom lines companies are manufacturing in places were environmental and workers rights, including liveable wages and working conditions, are nonexistent.

There had to be a better way.

FJORDLIFE was created with the intention of providing an alternative. We collaborate with designers who have a vision for beautiful, innovative products with meaningful impact. We wanted to provide a place where you could feel good knowing your purchase would not come at a cost to people or the environment. 


We source the globe to find quality pieces that you will fall in love with. As much as we want you to feel good about your purchases, lets be honest, we want you to look good. With a focus on quality materials, stylish design and craftsmanship - trust us this can be done! In our about section, you will find the standards we adhere to.

We are partnering with companies that offer natural products that are clinically tested to provide performance driven results. Brands that have labs in their own backyards so you know exactly what is in the product and what is going on your skin. In our blog, you will find tips and tricks on how to make the change to all natural products.

First and foremost we see ourselves as storytellers. We aim to provide a deeper connection to the global marketplace. We want to broaden your understanding of our products and their impacts on the countries we source from. Many of our designers are doing wonderful things that need to be celebrated - from investing in women, to providing literacy workshops and health programs. In other words, providing meaningful impact! You will find more information on each of our designers in our designer spotlight section.

We aim to focus on mindful and honest business practices that drive every decision we make - from partnering with designers that provide fair employment, to supply chain transparency and sustainability. In our blog, we will do our best to take you behind the scenes. We will be visiting factories around the world, introducing alternative fabrics, breaking down exactly what ‘sustainable’ means and further exploring the concept of meaningful impact.

Most of all we want to connect with you! My intention with Fjordlife was to create a place where people could come together with similar values. Share your questions, feedback and stories with us! Let’s learn and grow together. We would also love to see how you styled our products. Tag yourself wearing an item using the hashtag #FJLstyle and we will do our best to feature it on our site. 

We are so happy to have you on this journey with us.
Here’s to living the FJORDLIFE! 

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