What is Clean Beauty?

With more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today that have never been properly studied for toxins, a number of products full of hidden preservatives and chemicals (linked to cancer, reproductive disorders, asthma and severe allergies), trying to find products that are actually 'natural' can be overwhelming. We are here to help!  


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What is Clean Beauty?

Of all the wonderful organs in our body, I have to say I think the skin might be my favourite. It is the largest organ in the body and tends to wear the most ‘hats’. It is our first line of defence against bacteria and viruses, it acts as a powerful protection barrier, it keeps our bodies balanced though the regulation of temperature, it tells your life story through wrinkles, laugh lines and scars and it provides you with noticeable signs when something is just ‘not right’. Usually in the form of a blemish before a big event (which makes me think that skin also has a great sense of humour).

All of my life I have been on a never ending quest for perfect skin - or rather just good skin. You know the type I’m talking about. Skin that radiates health and wellness in the form of a dewy, natural glow (think JLO, who has skin that seems to come with a built in filter).

This quest for healthy skin may have led to my obsession with beauty products (or ‘creams’ as my husband calls it). I love everything about them - the texture, the feel, the smell. 

I have been tempted on more than one occasion to open a friends bathroom cabinet to see what’s sitting on the shelf. To me, there is nothing better than discovering new product. I know what’s inside is most important but I am also a sucker for beautiful packaging and design. Packaging can make a daily ritual of moisturizing your face feel like an indulgent treat.

My dilemma with this obsession is that I don’t want it to come at a cost to my health. With more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today that have never been properly studied for toxins, a number of products full of hidden preservatives, unnecessary ingredients and nasty chemicals (chemicals that have been linked to cancer, reproductive disorders, asthma and severe allergies), trying to find natural products to use can feel overwhelming. 

Add to that the number of green-washing techniques done by companies where words such as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are strategically placed to make you feel the product is safe. The whole process is completely confusing.

I remember when I first decided to make a switch to an all-natural regimen; I went to my nearest department store in search of a natural cleanser without harsh detergents. I purchased one with the word ‘natural’ on the front (making me assume it was safe), only to later discover ingredients such as parabens (a synthetic that can affect hormones) and formaldehyde (a carcinogenic chemical) listed on the back. I later discovered in North America a company can label the product as natural if it contains one natural ingredient. The experience made me shun beauty department stores altogether and I began to shop for natural products in the aisle of Whole Foods. The problem with this is that I felt I wasn’t seeing any noticeable results.

This led me to Fjordlife.

Here at Fjordlife we wanted to make things easier for you by providing a highly curated selection of clean beauty products with simple, easy to read ingredients that hold true on their promise to deliver real, visible results.

We define ‘clean beauty’ as:

  • Products made up entirely of natural Ingredients
  • Formulas containing essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals 
  • Products crafted by hand in small batches with intention and care
  • Recycled and re-usable packaging

Things we avoid:

  • Synthetic ingredients and chemicals 
  • Fillers 
  • Animal testing and cruelty
  • Mineral Oils and petroleum

So why chemicals in the first place?

Because it’s easy.

Synthetic chemicals are inexpensive and can get the job done, just not in the best or healthiest way possible. With little regulation, many brands have taken chemical shortcuts for making products feel, look and smell nice.

Engineering clean ingredients that work in conjunction with and not against biological factors, takes science and dedication. Thankfully in the past few years, we are discovering more innovative brands coming forward that see value in doing the hard (and clean) work. And we at Fjordlife love bringing them to you!


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