5 Home Design Trends for 2017

With so much time spent inside lately, you may have found yourself looking around your home thinking its time for an update. To provide some inspiration we have rounded up some of our favourite home design trends for 2017. Whether you are in need of a few small tweaks or a major overhaul, this list is the place to start.


Natural Wood Finishes

Natural wood finishes are making a comeback this year and we couldn't be more excited. Incorporating natural wood into your decor creates warmth and texture that instantly makes a room feel cozy and inviting. If you are not fully on board (pun not intended) with an all wood kitchen not to worry, adding a few wood accents with your furniture can create a huge impact.

The Great Indoors

We have to admit when we first discovered that the 2017 pantone colour of the year was green we were not entirely convinced that it was the best choice. However, incorporating plants into your home to add some greenery and achieve those same feelings of fresh beginnings is something we could get behind. Whether its ferns, cactus or succulents - bring it in!

The Art of Mixing

Whether you prefer to mix metal finishes, materials, styles or patterns - doesn’t matter. Mixing things up is completely on trend this year. When it comes to mixing our best piece of advice is to break the rules and have fun with it.


Muted Jewel Tones

One of your favourite design trends this year is adding pops of muted jewel tones (think emerald green or sapphire blue). The trick is to keep everything else monochromatic or slightly understated to let the jewel tones shine through!

Warm Whites

We like our walls to be light and bright around here so we were happy to see that white as a wall colour is here to stay. This year we are seeing a slight shift from cool and crisp white to a more warm and inviting hue.

Hallway: The Design Chaser, White Kitchen: Style at Home, Blue Kitchen: Planete deco, Green Living room: Unknown, White Living room: Studio McGee

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